Brandon Broderick is a musician and producer from Central NJ dedicated to the art of songwriting, recording and live performance. Broderick's sound is often a combination of folk, blues, pop, rock, bluegrass and country influences with a modern twist. 

"Songs don't need to be long. I love writing short, simple songs that really hit home."--Brandon Broderick


Broderick spreads his music through consistent recordings and live performances. He performs over 150 shows a year and continually writes and records new material. Broderick employs a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) attitude in regards to his work by recording, mixing and producing his own songs--including recording and archiving every single one of his live performances in high quality audio.


Broderick likes to perform different songs every single show and also changes the order of songs in his setlist from night to night.  "I don't like repeating songs too much. Even if I'm playing in different places. I like the spontaneity of it. I love the idea that you can come to multiple shows and always hear fresh material."-- Brandon Broderick

All of Broderick's live performances are recorded from the Soundboard (good quality) and archived at All shows are free to stream and download although a suggested donation is encouraged and accepted. Any fan who donates to the archive by purchasing a show automatically becomes a verified member and is added to the fan club (which includes free tickets, free bonus tracks, exclusive videos and much more). 

Born in Princeton, NJ in 1989 and raised in Hightstown, NJ, Brandon Broderick always loved music.  He started out as a drummer in the Walter C. Black elementary school marching band and eventually formed his own rock band called "Dark Rode" at Hightstown High School in 2004. In Dark Rode, Broderick played drums and wrote most of the band's original material. Broderick also performed drums in the High School Jazz Band.

In the summer of 2006, Broderick turned to acoustic guitar and vocals to front a newly formed folk-rock band called "Cotton". Although Broderick fronted a rock band, he was always a solo acoustic performer. While the band continued to perform locally, Broderick took to the streets performing open mics around Central NJ. He continually wrote songs and honed his craft behind the scenes. The band disbanded in 2012, and Broderick became a full time solo performer and producer as well as a professional guitar player and session guitarist for many local bands. 

Now, Brandon Broderick is taking his solo career to the next level by expanding his craft and increasing his work ethic. Inspired by the works of Dave Matthews, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Phish, Bruce Springsteen, The Grateful Dead and Tom Waits, Broderick intends to become a prolific performer and songwriter who can captivate audiences and impress even the most doubtful listener.


Aside from being a singer-songwriter and producer, Broderick is also currently a freelance guitar player for many bands and is playing lead electric guitar and vocals for Morningside Lane.

 Brandon Broderick also maintains a blog where he discusses the hardships of being a touring musician as well as his experiences with the local NJ music