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Brandon Broderick is a musician, producer, guitarist and music teacher from Central NJ dedicated to the art of songwriting, recording, teaching and live performance.


" I think my sound is a combination of folk, blues, pop, bluegrass and country influences with a modern twist. Good songs don't need to be long. I love writing short, simple songs that really hit home."--Brandon Broderick.


 All of Broderick's live performances are recorded , mixed and archived at 

Inspired by the works of Dave Matthews, Bob Dylan, Phish, Bruce Springsteen, The Grateful Dead and Tom Waits, Broderick intends to become a prolific performer and songwriter.

Brandon is also a full-time private music teacher--teaching lessons for Guitar, Bass, Piano, Vocals and Ukulele. 

I was born in Princeton, NJ in 1989 and raised in Hightstown, NJ. It all began when I was a drummer in the Walter C. Black elementary school marching band. I got obsessed and my parents bought me a drumset when I was 7. I played daily.  Eventually formed my own rock band called "Dark Rode" at Hightstown High School in 2004. In Dark Rode, I played drums and wrote most of the band's original material. I also played drums in the High School Jazz Band. Even though I loved drums, I knew writing songs didn't lend itself to being a drummer. So I started learning guitar and singing and took it very seriously.


​While I continued to perform with several bands locally, I took to the streets performing open mics around Central NJ as a solo artist. I enjoyed the writing process and the ability to perform whenever I wanted. In the spring of 2012, I decided to become a full time solo performer and producer as well as a professional guitar player and teacher. I still perform in bands from time to time, but the main focus always shifts back to the solo. I just seem to get more done and there's no strings to pull or personalities to manage, everything is less stressful. 

I'm also now a full-time private music instructor offering online and in person classes. I've been teaching since 2013 (now 10 years) and have students from all ages (5-70 years old)  and levels. Check out the Lessons page above for more info on that. 


---Brandon Broderick (Edited 7/7/23)

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